Steve Drodz.

I was talking about this blog over brunch the other day, and my friend began telling me about Steve Drodz, the musical genius behind the Flaming Lips. I had always loved The Soft Bulletin, actually thinking it has some of the best production in alternative/rock music of recent, but I didn’t know about Steve’s battles.

So I have been thinking of him. And I would like to watch this documentary on Flaming Lips, in order to learn more.

I really liked this photo.

I also really enjoyed this interview with the man. I like hearing from people who struggle with addiction on subjects OTHER than their addiction. I like hearing what it is like in their brain, and what their creations are attempting to embody. Part of the point of this blog was to share and show some of that. At brunch, we talked about how some of the push to create, while potentially drug fueled in those who battle addiction, is not BASED on the use. The confidence may be, but that vision and voice is INSIDE the person already. It is vital to keep this in mind as we consider how to be creative once sober.

Other bloggers seem to like this guy too. This video also offers a bit more.

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