Kill All Redneck Pricks


I saw this incredible, powerful documentary film a few hours ago. I was not that familiar with the band, but am a big fan of Big Business and was interested in it. I did not know the story of guitarist Chris Smith and his battle with addiction, anxiety, suicide attempts and terror.

His quotes in this film were incredible to me. I was honored to share a few words with him after the screening.

If this film comes to your town, go see it. If it is isn’t, bring it for a screening. Seriously, I am moved – and in the midst of some pretty painful realizations and feelings about exactly how dark and painful addiction can be, and how awful it can make creating and dreaming and loving and living.

For all of you who struggle to quiet the fire in your mind – keep fighting. To Chris, at a professed 5 years sober – much respect and kinship.

Breathe. And pray magic/play music.

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